Dhankesari Old Results | Previous Winning Numbers

Notice: Due to Covid Situation, all draws were cancelled from 17.05.2021 till 13.06.2021.

Dhankesari Old Result

We believe that there are only two reasons why you would look over Dhankesari old results. It’s either you missed the draw day or you’re trying to the ‘magical’ lottery guessing stuff. Don’t worry because Dhankesari got your back by archiving past results below. You can always check dhankesari today result from this page.

Dhankesari Previous Lottery Results

We share the last 7 days old dhankesari result files below, for even older results go here.

08 Jul 2021 Dhankesari Result

07 Jul 2021 Dhankesari Result

06 Jul 2021 Dhankesari Result

05 July 2021 Dhankesari Result

04 July 2021 Dhankesari Result

03 July 2021 Dhankesari Result

02 July 2021 Dhankesari Result

Updates from Dhankesari

Dhankesari old lottery result updates. As much as we try to update the lottery results everyday, we will also try to archive all the previous results. This page will be your future reference, or in case you want to guess the winning numbers for the next draw.

How to Download Previous Results

If you want to keep the previous results in a more secure way, you can freely download them and save on your computer. Click the result link from the tables above to show the PDF format.

Once you view the PDF file, click the arrow on the upper right corner and name the file with the result’s date. Or, you can directly print it on paper if you click on the printer icon. You can now easily access these results on your computer device offline.

How to get the winning amount?

Certain conditions apply to get the cash prize. Yet, if your prize ends up being ten thousand or less, you can get the cash from the vendors who sell the tickets. But if your prize is worth more than that. You need to round out some shape and send it to the state and disclose to them the prize you want to get, and in this form, you need to give all your data.

This incorporates recollecting your complete name, the complete name that is recorded on your ID card. Furthermore, your full location, lottery ticket number, passport size photo, and so forth. One thing to remember, ensure you book your ticket and sign your reward. Regardless of whether the ticket is lost, nobody else can take your prize. They will be yours as it were. Regardless of whether your ticket is destroyed, you may, in any case, lose your prize, so remember these things.

Final Words

Dhankesari lottery results are available each day, and you can get Dhankesari lottery old results also. You can likewise download Dhankesari lottery old results in pdf format.

Dhankesari lottery results are updated late on the site, so we are giving you a platform where you can get old Dhankesari lottery results. It is tough to discover past Dhankesari lottery results; however, we spare the results such that everybody can find Dhankesari lottery old results.

We sincerely hope this helps you find what you’re looking for. Moreover, Dhankesari’s wish is that you’ll be the next lucky winner and have a great life. You can also try to use the previous results to guess the right number combinations for the next draw.

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  1. The 11AM results for Oct 4 Oct 2 seems to have same numbers, I feel I am being fooled by this lottery. Update your website!!!


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