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Dhankesari is a Hindi newspaper that carries lottery results in three states in India; West Bengal, Nagaland, and Sikkim. It was established in the early 2000s in Nagpur Maharashtra.

Many years ago, Dhankesari newspaper entered the huge market of West Bengal. Since then, it served the wide Hindi readers in other places like South Bengal and Jharkhand.

To carry the daily result most conveniently, Dhankesari provided the people with an online platform. It is a paperless publication which Indians can be accessed from their electronic gadgets, and of course, through the internet.

Here in Dhankesari, we are committed to showing you the accurate daily lottery results. All results can be downloaded from this website.

Meet Our Team

Meet the people behind Dhankesari

Aditya Kumar (B.Sc. & Ph.D.)
CEO and Founder

Aditya is the person behind He is a Software Engineer and has a degree in entrepreneurship. He spends his life in publishing web based content for Indians. He believes that providing useful information to internet users will always be a good start to expand his career and continue learning.

Aditya Kumar

Ajay Chandra (B.Sc. & B.Tech.)
Content Manager

Ajay holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communications. He currently leads the content team who are behind the articles to provide information to the readers of Dhankesari. He likes to research a lot and incorporates all learning to his writings.

Ajay Chandra

Sabina Solanki (B.Sc.)
Content Editor

Sabina has a Master’s degree in Marketing. She also acquired some units in communication. Sabina is responsible to ensuring that all the contents were published in good faith. She also focuses on the accuracy of the information before it reaches the readers.

Sabina Solanki

Advertising Policy

Dhankesari is committed to providing with you the latest lottery results covering three states in India. Furthermore, we want to excel in the field of content writing and publishing.

We allow advertising on our website. However, we do not sell anything including your personal details onto third party advertisers. We solely want to provide information to our daily readers who are into lotteries.

Contact Us

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  • For your general inquiries, please use our contact form and submit it to us.
  • If you found any wrong information within the contents, you can email our content writing team.
  • If you noticed that the lottery results are not updated, please email our editorial team.
  • For support and assistance, contact our customer service representative.
  • You can also directly send an email to our management team for further assistance.

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